1:50 Cat® 352 Ultra High Demolition Hydraulic Excavator

Item Number: 85663

UHD Version: 14.75 x 2.75 x 3 in.

Retrofit Boom Version: 10 x 2.75 x 3.125 in.

Includes two interchangeable booms, UHD boom (pre-installed) and retrofit demolition boom, PLUS included work tools: the Cat MP322 concrete cutting jaw, MP324 demolition jaw, and a bucket for the retrofit boom

Features and Details:
• Detailed cab interior, including operator
• Authentic Cat Machine Yellow paint
• Modern hex trade dress
• Authentic metal tracks
• Body rotates 360 degrees
• Transport cradle included for detached boom
• Cabin can be tilted up and down
• Demolition guards on cabin
• Engine doors open to display detailed engine

High Line Series Packaging:
Collectible, full-color printed metal box, including machine photos and specifications. Die-cut foam insert protects model within the box. Cardboard outer box provides additional protection.