Core Classics

The Core Classics Series is made up of dozens of the most popular diecast models ever made and pays homage to the vast legacy of Cat machines in the field. Packaging is reminiscent of the “plain brown” parts boxes with which machine owners and operators are so familiar. With somewhat lower price points, Core Classics models offer an excellent value while still providing Real Replica™ features.


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  • 1:50 Cat 785D Mining Truck

  • 1:50 Scale Cat Mega MWT30 Mining Truck Water Tank

  • 85287C – 1:25 Cat® CG260-16 Gas Generator

  • CT660 Day Cab with XL Lowboy Trailer and CB-534D Compactor

  • CT660 Day Cab with XL Lowboy Trailer

  • 340D L Hydraulic Excavator

  • D6R Track-Type Tractor

  • EP16(C)PNY Lift Truck

    EP16(C)PNY Lift Truck

  • 320D L Hydraulic Excavator
with Hammer

    320D L Hydraulic Excavator with Hammer

  • 24M Motor Grader

    24M Motor Grader

  • DP25N Lift Truck

    DP25N Lift Truck

  • 336D L Hydraulic Excavator

    336D L Hydraulic Excavator

  • Compact Track Loader

    299C Compact Track Loader

  • 330D L Hydraulic Excavator

    330D L Hydraulic Excavator

  • 657G Wheel Tractor Scraper

    657G Wheel Tractor Scraper

  • M316D Wheeled Excavator

    M316D Wheeled Excavator

  • Skid Steer Loader

    272C Skid Steer Loader

  • 365C Front Shovel

    365C Front Shovel

  • D10T Track-Type Tractor

    D10T Track-Type Tractor

  • 420E IT Backhoe Loader

    420E IT Backhoe Loader