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Diecast Masters Company Limited, a licensee of Caterpillar Inc.

Play & Collect 1:64

Play & Collect 1:64

Legendary Cat machines made of diecast metal, complete with many moving parts, high detail and real Cat trade deco and colors. Packaged in a vibrant compact window box design, these models offer legendary quality at great pricing.

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  • 1:64 Cat 272D2 Skid Steer Loader & 1:64 Cat 297D2 Compact Track Loader

  • 1:64 Cat 320F L Hydraulic Excavator

  • 1:64 Cat 385C L Hydraulic Excavator

  • 1:64 Cat 611 Wheel Tractor Scraper

  • 1:64 Cat 775E Off Highway Truck

  • 1:64 Cat 950M Wheel Loader

  • 1:64 Cat 988H Wheel Loader

  • 1:64 Cat D6R Track-Type Tractor