High Line Series

Generally comprising the newest releases, the High Line Series from Diecast Masters features packaging that gives new meaning to the phrase “mint in box.” All High Line models are housed in full-color-printed metal boxes and nestled in soft foam cushioning. On the package are photos of the model inside, as well as the real Cat machine in use. Key specifications of the real machine are also listed.


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  • 568 LL Log Loader

    568 LL Log Loader Configuration

  • 621K Wheel Tractor-Scraper

    621K Wheel Tractor-Scraper

  • 3049 Material Handler

    3049 Material Handler

  • 988K Wheel Loader
with Log Grapple

    988K Wheel Loaderwith Log Grapple

  • 950M Wheel Loader

  • 85909775G Off-Highway Truck

    775G Off-Highway Truck

  • 988K Wheel Loader

    988K Wheel Loader

  • 18M3 Motor Grader

  • 12M3 Motor Grader

  • 793F Mining Truck

    793F Mining Truck – 1:125 scale

  • AD60 Articulated Underground Truck

  • 795F AC Mining Truck

    795F AC Mining Truck

  • M318F Wheeled Excavator

  • 740B EJ Articulated Truck

    740B EJ Articulated Truck

  • R3000H Underground Mining Loader

  • 980K Wheel Loader –
Rock Configuration

    980K Wheel Loader –Rock Configuration

  • 910K Wheel Loader

    910K Wheel Loader

  • 982M Wheel Loader

    982M Wheel Loader

  • 390F L Hydraulic Excavator

    390F L Hydraulic Excavator

  • D5K2 LGP Track-Type Tractor

    D5K2 LGP Track-Type Tractor